Phone System Products from’s products line covers all your network and security needs. We are fully equipped to provide you with everything from layout, to wiring, product selection and advice, and strategic placement for your system.

Voice Over IP Phone System

Telephone PBX and VoIP Systems

Take your business’s communication to the next level with Telephone PBX and VoIP systems. Signitel lets you and your employees access your phone system from anywhere in the world, or simply connect several local branches of your office. Wherever you need to be in contact, Signitel can connect you. Other features of our system include call recording to archive important calls and a“Follow Me” feature that forwards your call wherever you need it, whether to your cell phone or another remote location. You have the option of forwarding the call to voicemail, or using a voicemail to email service which transcribes voice messages into convenient email attachments and much more. Private Branch Exchange office communication products keep your employees linked and allow your business to operate more cost-effectively and efficiently. With PBX systems, there’s no need for separate wiring, users can roam easily, and you can monitor calls and system status.

Office Security Systems

Security Systems

Feel secure with a state of the art surveillance system that may be remotely monitored from wherever you are. Take security seriously by equipping your home, business, office or school with a Closed Circuit Television system. CCTV systems record all activity that takes place on a facility and provides protection and security to manage facilities and prevent crime.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

With Auto Attendant, you can customize and streamline your office phone systems so your business operates more efficiently. Auto Attendant services can transfer to extensions and voicemail, play messages, repeat options, and go to sub-menus, making it easy for your customers.

Call Center Applications

Call Center Applications

Our call center phone system products allow your staff to provide personalized customer service easily and efficiency. You’ll be able to log on and easily view information and statistics on your system. Keep track of important data such as how many calls were received and routed as well as individual statistics on each of your customer service representatives so that you can track performance and operate your business more efficiently. Other features include automatic call distribution, interactive voice menus, computer-telephony integration, customer history database, predictive dialer, and at-home access.

Office Computer Networks

Computer Networks

By networking your home or office with customized computer networks, you can lower your hardware and software installation and maintenance costs and enhance your business’s productivity. Benefits include file and resource sharing, security tools, interactive workgroup computing, and flexible and remote access.

Certified Data Cabling

Certified Data Cabling

With certified data cabling services, Signitel’s qualified technicians will provide quality seamless installation of data networks to ensure your office phone systems and VoIP system products run smoothly and efficiently and provide you with 100% satisfaction.

Access Control

Access Control

Make your offices more secure with electronic access control, which allows you to have complete control over who accesses your premises, and when, through the use of programmed key cards. Access control offers greater security, accountability and risk reduction for business owners, employees and visitors.

Office SMATV


SMATV is a controlled television system for commercial establishments like offices, hotels, bars, care homes, correctional facilities, gyms or retail centers. You’ll be able to automate programming across multiple televisions and even have an in-house channel that can be used for Movies or Presentations.