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Signitel: Your Choice for Office Phone Systems or Phone Systems for Small Business

You have found a superb company to install your phone system in New York or elsewhere in the tri-state area. We are a top choice for installing office phone systems and phone systems for small business. Whether you're upgrading your old phones to a Voiceover IP (VoIP) system, or starting from scratch with a new system, we offer an unbeatable combination of flexibility, reliability, and performance that ensure you'll get the right office phone system custom built for you.

Why Choose Signitel.com?

Choose Signitel.com as the provider for your phone system for small business and you'll get excellent technical expertise and customer service at competitive prices. We have all the tools and technology—as well as experience—to work with any office, and have specialized expertise with the particular phone system needs of health care providers and facilities. We provide support after installation as well as comprehensive equipment manuals and documentation on our website to give you the tools you need for smooth ongoing communications. Make Signitel your next choice for phone system installation and join our list of satisfied clients.

Phone System for Small Business

Our full service offerings will meet all your network and security needs. We are equipped to provide you with everything from layout, to wiring, product selection and advice, and strategic placement for your system. Services include: Telephone VoIP : voice, fax, and Internet all on one line, simplifying communication and saving you money. Security Systems : our security systems will protect your office and keep your property and data safe.Auto Attendant : this feature adds familiar features to your office phone system like extension and voicemail transfer, touch-tone, and messaging options. Additional features include email messaging options to streamline your phone system.Call Center Applications: for our clients processing daily customer service calls, we offer call center applications that will give your customers personalized service. Computer Networks : our computer networks will keep your data in sync and your communication lines robust between staff and offices.Certified Data Cabling: our data cabling specialists will ensure that your equipment is installed correctly and securely.Access Control: : keycode security and entry systems will help you control access more easily—and with greater peace of mind—than systems based on physical keys.SMATV: : these controlled-viewing television systems are a perfect fit for hotels, hospitals, prisons, and more.

Office Phone System Products

Our office phone systems feature products that lead the industry, including Samsung phone systems, Allworx phone systems, and various PBX phone systems. We are an authorized dealer of several other major brands including: Polycom, EnGenius, ESI and NEC. These brands feature the latest technological innovations in voice communication and will guarantee your satisfaction.